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Parties in the Treaty

  • The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg.png (Lord Newcastle)
  • The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway Denmarkflag.jpg (Queen Abaddon)


This document is an official declaration to affirm that, in compliance with the Treaty of Oslo (1750), placing the territories comprising of Denmark-Norway, Greenland, and Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Danish West Indies, the Danish Gold Coast, Danish India, etc into the custodianship and held in trust by the honourable Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland upon the abdication of King Frederick V of Denmark (Kwagar Ocata), that the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, and it's overseas territories will be formally cededin totality with the trust of Great Britain to Abaddon of Supreme as a result of the treaty, including its overseas territories will be subjected to the rule of Abaddon, of Supreme.

This treaty will affirm His Majesty’s Government’s commitment to the preservation of the “Pax Britannica”, British Peace, the overall peace throughout Europe that has endured largely since the downfall and death of Phillip V of Spain in 1746.

His Majesty’s Government finds the claimants to the throne of Denmark-Norway to be a suitable fit for the succession and stability of the new Danish government. We, the Lords entrusted by His Majesty the King and the Honourable Houses of Parliament, find Abaddon to be the sole suitable candidate for the throne of Denmark.

The main participants in the treaty were Queen Abaddon I, the Queen-claimant to Denmark-Norway; and Prime Minister Lord Newcastle of Great Britain & Ireland. Lord Grey, the Southern Secretary, served as chief author and wrote the treaty on behalf of both parties.


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