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Parties in the Treaty

  • The Kingdom of Portugal Flag of Portugal (1750).svg.png (Queen Julie Grace Garate)
  • The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg.png  (Lord Newcastle, Lord Grey)


This document is to officially determine the status of the Kingdom of Portugal as a formal Protected State the Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland. As a result of the treaty, the territory of Portugal including its overseas territories have been formally established as a territory under Queen Julie which enjoys His Britannic Majesty's protection, over whose foreign and domestic affairs will be formally placed under the trust of His Majesty's Government.

Goa is to remain the primary residence, and under direct ownership of Her Majesty, Queen Julie Grace Garate. Brazil is to remain as a secondary residence under the administration of a Parliamentary appointed representative to serve as Governor-General.

The main participants in the treaty were the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Great Britain Lord Newcastle, the Right Honourable Secretary of State for the Southern Department Lord Grey, and Her Majesty the Queen Julie Grace Garate of Portugal & Brazil.


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