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About the Guild

The British Empire is a guild on TLOPO founded by Lord Grey on December 14, 1749. Command of the guild was transferred to Lord Newcastle soon afterwards, and The British Empire has become the primary guild for the Kingdom of Great Britain. 


  • Founded: December 14, 1749
  • Maxed: February 14 1750
  • Founder: Joseph Grey
  • Guildmaster: Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Current Member Count: Maxed
  • Guild Server: Cortos 
  • Guild HQ: Port Royal


  • 1. Use common sense and be courteous.
  • 2. Ask or whisper for permission before you TP.
  • 3. If people are already present at a looting spot (Example: Gold room, Tormenta or Raven's Cove South Totem), ask for permission to join them in looting/grinding those enemies. If they say no, TP to another server.
  • 4. Do not go AFK on ships without the captain's permission.
  • 5. The obvious must be stated. Do not break TLOPO Terms of Service. (Do not evade the chat filter; suggest your words to be whitelisted in #whitelistsuggestions )


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Member Database


  • Guildmaster - Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Co. Guildmaster - Roger Gunshot
  • Andrew
  • Aura Grey
  • Bart Bluefish
  • Captain Andrew [Mallace]
  • Chris Gunhound
  • Davy Gunfish
  • Dog Moonwhirl
  • Jason X the Pirate/Kat X the Pirate
  • Jessie Redeagle
  • Luis Sailwalker
  • Pepper Burnsilver
  • Peregrine Seaspark
  • Princess Amelia
  • Sage Stormloather
  • Sam Wartimbers
  • Tobias Squidhayes

Ranking System

  1. Prime Minister/Guildmaster
  2. HM Cabinet/Co. Guildmaster
  3. Privy Council/Senior Officers
  4. British Official/Officer
  5. Royal Marines/PvP Team
  6. Royal Navy/SvS Team
  7. British Citizen


Enemies or Enemy Guilds

  • Royal Black Guard

Allies or Allied Guilds

  • Order Of Osiris
  • Armed Guard