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The Honourable
Roger Atkinson
Roger Atkinson, 1st Earl of Stirling

Lord President of the Council
In office
31 January 1751 – Present
Monarch George II of Great Britain
Prime Minister The Duke of Newcastle
Preceded by The Earl Granville
Constituency Sterlingshire
Majority Tory

Paymaster of the Forces
In office
1751 – 1751
Monarch George II of Great Britain
Prime Minister The Duke of Newcastle
Preceded by The Earl Lincoln
Succeeded by Christopher Roland

Political party Tory
Military service
Allegiance Great Britain
Service/branch British Royal Army
Rank General

Roger Atkinson, KB PC FRS MP, is the Lord President of the Privy Council and member of His Majesty's Cabinet. He first joined the British in the early years of POTCO, having been recruited by Christopher Roland. Generally, a run-of-the-mill soldier did what he was told, didn't cause drama, etc. He was transferred to the original Armed Guard, under the leadership of Tyler Crossbones, and was named as General, in charge of the army. Once again, he was transferred back into one of the British guilds, under the leadership of Sven Daggersteel and Johnny Goldtimbers, whom he remained with for the duration of his time throughout POTCO, and through TLOPO. On 8 November 1749, he issued his resignation, which lasted all of about 10 months before he was convinced to rejoin, whereupon he was made an officer. Then, for whatever reason, he was promoted to the Privy Council, and then eventually to the Cabinet in early 1751, originally as Paymaster of the Forces, but transitioning to Lord President of the Privy Council within a few weeks. On 14 August 1751, he resigned his position as Lord President, and remains within the guild as a member of the Privy Council, serving in a limited "advisory" role.

However, following the mass resignation of the majority of the Cabinet, he reluctantly stepped back into his role as Lord President of the Privy Council.