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Princess Amelia "Emily" Sophia Eleanor


Princess Amelia Sophia Eleanor of Great Britain, is the second daughter of King George II of Great Britain. Princess Amelia lives with her father at St. James's Palace in the City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain. Although by the 1740s, she moved to the Caribbean to help her father and has since taken residence at Kingshead.


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The British Empire

Her Royal Highness is currently in the guild The British Empire, attaining the rank of Officer. Eager to do her bit for King and Country, and priorities others before her own personal gains.

Attires and Hobbies

Her Royal Highness enjoys riding and hunting, here from 1740. Her attires ranges from a simple white gown, white blouse with either a black, navy blue or red dress. Footwear is usually short boots or riding boots of knee height. Her Royal Highness usually wears a coat if traveling or if it is cold.

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